Building the Foundation of Your Online Recruitment Team

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On-Demand Course to Building the Foundation of an Online Recruitment Team for Colleges and Universities

With the economic changes globally and more dangers with travel for recruitment, this is the perfect opportunity to consider another option that will bring teams together, build community spirit on and off campus, and assist in recruiting more students to your school for their studies.

Having worked in three different marketing areas in a university and being part of the transition from college to university status, I experienced common challenges throughout the campus. Recruitment teams were trying to do their part, to the best of their ability, time, and staff, to bring in new students from within their country and recruit from overseas. What if there was an easier and more efficient way? I will show you how to build a campus-wide, nation-wide, and global Online Recruitment Team that would support campus and international recruitment in their efforts, and let them focus on what they do best…recruit.

Sherri King
Sherri King
Brand Stylist | Social Media Consultant

About the instructor

I'm passionate about sharing what I have learned about social media strategies over the years. I love social media so much that I majored in social media for my master’s degree. Yes, this is real.

I work at a university in the international marketing division and my main focus from 2011 to 2015 was using social media for recruiting international students to study on our campus. I grew our Facebook page to over 520,000 likes within that time, the top in Canada, and it still holds that status, I have spoken internationally on this topic and have won a Distinguished Service Award for this work.

Since May 2016 I have focused on growing my personal travel Instagram account (GirlontheGoCA) and testing new strategies. My account has grown from 308 followers to now over 100,000 in one year. I have partnered with brands and tourism destinations to promote their products, services, and locations through my account.

In this training program you'll learn how to build the foundation of your online recruitment team and marketing strategy.  We will cover topics such as brand consistency, team structure, online etiquette and expectations, workflow, CRM system, sales funnel, defining your goals, creating content, and measuring your success.

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